My family as well as my mother cannot believe the difference her hearing aids have helped her regain her social activities. Being in social situations with her family and friends has allowed my mother to again stay connected in conversations and discussions. I know my mother was sorry that she did not get her hearing aids sooner as she missed out many social events because she was self conscious about her inability to hear people speaking. Everyday I am thankful that my mother has her hearing aids because it has given me a piece of mind that she can hear clearly whether it is driving or meeting her friends.
– CA

These hearing aids have definitely improved my quality of life. I now find that there is no effort required in a social situation – I just hear everything. The improvement is no noticeable – I wish I had done it years ago.
– KJ

Dear Sandy, Wow, you’ll never know how much your kindness means to us! We feel really blessed because you went above and beyond to help us out.

I know the quality of life difference your clinic brought not only to our father but all persons living with a hearing deficit. Thank you all for your kindness, courtesy, and professionalism.
– KM

I have been coming to Richmond Hearing for over 26 years. This new hearing aid is the best I have ever had. It is excellent.
– CM

I have been coming to Richmond Hearing Consultants for many years and will keep coming to them. P.S. They are really friendly too!

Richmond Hearing is always kind and helpful. Sandy and Winnie are always ready to assist. While Anita directs the Front, she is always helpful and explains everything. Thank you.
– BB

Dear Sandy, Winnie & Anita, I like your style! I like your service!
– BE

I was at a luncheon yesterday and after we had all stuffed ourselves full, we sat around a large patio table and got into a few discussions where we solved the problems of the world (Ha!Ha!). I used the remote ‘surround’ and found I could hear most people well and was certainly able to join in the discussions.
– MP

Just a quick note to say a BIG THANK You for the great service.
– FA