Hearing Test and Consultation

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What happens during an appointment for a consultation and hearing test?

If this is your first time at our clinic, when you arrive you will be asked to complete a form with some basic information such as your address, telephone number, date of birth, name of your family doctor, and medications you take. You will also answer a few questions about your hearing history and what you’ve noticed about your hearing recently. You will have lots of questions for us too – and we are happy to answer these for you. Be sure to ask!

We encourage you to bring a family member or close friend with you to the appointment. Having another’s perspective can be extremely helpful for you, for them, and for us, to better understand your hearing.

The consultation is a four step process:

  1. Your Hearing Instrument Practitioner will have a discussion with you and your companion about your general medical health, your hearing health, and your lifestyle, in order to gain an understanding of your hearing experiences and any concerns you might have.
  2. Your Practitioner will explain how our ears and brain normally receive and process sounds, and she will examine your ear canals.
  3. You will go into a sound booth to check your hearing: you will be asked to indicate when you can hear various tones.
  4. Your Practitioner will review your results with you and your companion and if hearing loss is indicated, she will make recommendations about options for treatment for you to consider.