Financing Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Healthcare with Convenient Payment Plans

Patient financing for hearing aids is available through Medicard iFinance Canada. Medicard offers a variety of ways to pay for medical services. You can choose to finance the full amount, or a portion. Equal monthly payments can be customized to suit your budget; payment options range from 6 months to 6 years.

Medicard iFinance Medical

Medicard’s Patient Financing Program is a simple, affordable way to get the hearing care you need when you need it. There are no delays with Medicard financing. You choose from a variety of convenient financing options that are affordable for you. Medicard pays your hearing care provider in full. You can apply to Medicard’s Patient Financing program online at Medicard or obtain an application form from your practitioner at Richmond Hearing Consultants.

About Medicard

Medicard has helped patients get the care they need for nearly two decades. Since 1996 Medicard has strived to be the company that Canadians in need think of when they need medical, dental, or veterinary procedures, by offering flexible solutions to help you pay for your medical services. Medicard has received extensive recognition and awards — a direct result of the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have used our programs to seek out quality care they may not otherwise have had access to, and who are living better because of it.

Medicard services are recognized by more than 10,000 medical, dental, and veterinary offices across Canada, so when you find the healthcare services you need, Medicard will be there for you.

How Does Medicard Work?

• No down payment
• No collateral needed
• Approval rating is high
• Interest rates are competitive
• No penalties for early payment

Approval for financing is as simple as filling out an application. Our flexible financing options mean you can request as much or as little Medicard funding as you need, and client applications are typically approved quickly. Medicard is committed to getting you the quality care you need, and our friendly staff will help you with any questions you have.

How to Apply for Financing

1. First determine the financial amount you’d like to apply toward your care. Medicard can pre-approve an amount that offers you the flexibility to choose a care provider you’re comfortable with.
2. Choose your financing term: as little as six months or as long as six years.
3. Submit your completed application through Medicard’s secure online platform at or via fax at 888.689.9862.
4. Medicard will notify you of your approved amount by phone.
5. Medicard will confidentially fax or email your documents for you to sign.
6. Sign and return the documents, along with a voided cheque, to Medicard.
7. Medicard will pay your service provider directly.
8. Your monthly payment will be automatically debited from your chequing account.