Hearing Aid Price

Hearing Aid Price

How much do hearing aids cost?

This is a very important question. We are glad you asked because there is so much information in the marketplace it can be difficult for the consumer to make an informed decision.

The short answer: effective treatment solutions – which includes ongoing professional care and validated technology – typically is an investment of a few thousand dollars.

The type and degree of hearing loss, the person’s listening lifestyle requirements, and their personal preferences, determine the most appropriate technology and care plan. Budget considerations are also an important part of the equation and there is a wide range of options to find the right technology that best fits every budget. Financing with affordable payments is also available.

As an informed hearing healthcare consumer, here’s what you need to know when evaluating advertised promotions:

  1. Is the technology instrumentation being recommended the latest release from that manufacturer, or is it dated technology that is being phased out or has already been discontinued?
  2. Like all technology (such as cellphones, computers, televisions, and cars), some models have more processing ability and functionality than others. It is the same with hearing instruments: is the technology being recommended from the manufacturer’s premium processor line, advanced processor, standard, or the basic, economy version?
  3. If a hearing test (the fundamental basis for prescribing, selecting, and setting instruments) is offered for ‘free’, what is the usual fee for the test, and has that amount actually been deducted from the total cost of your system?
  4. What services, and over what period of time, are included?
  5. How will the effectiveness of your new system be verified?
  6. Will you be working with the same practitioner over time, or will you be seeing different practitioners each visit?
  7. What happens if the results are not as expected?
  8. What manufacturer warranty and loss and damage insurance are included?

Keep in mind that better hearing is not just a commodity- a simple gadget. Better hearing is a process of ongoing collaborative care between you and your practitioner utilising evidence based evaluation and fitting of sophisticated medical technology.

By being an informed consumer, you can feel confident you have made a good choice and are getting value for your investment in better hearing.