Hearing Aid accessories keep your hearing aids performing optimally and your ear canals healthy!

Hearing Aid Accessories_Miracell Lubricant

Lubricants and Lotions: Soothe itchy ears, softens ear wax, moisturize dry flaking ears, and freshens delicate skin of ear canals.

Hearing Aid Accessories_ Mini Dri Aid

Dri-Aid Kit: Protect your hearing aid from damaging humidity or excessive perspiration

Hearing Aid Accessories_ Battery tester

Hearing Aid Battery Tester: Accommodates all hearing aid battery sizes. Never throw away a good battery again!

Hearing Aid Accessories_aid blower

Tubing Aid Blower: Removes moisture build-up from earmold tubing

Hearing aid battery replacements

Premium Batteries: Longer lasting batteries available in all hearing aid battery styles: 10, 312, 13, 675.